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  • We must stop complying to their unconstitutional laws, which are not laws.
  • My 5x great-grandfather was one of the guys the 2nd Amendment was written about. He was a Connecticut farmer who volunteered to serve in the Continental army to drive out the British. He and all the other farmers had to bring their own guns. If they did not have them, there would have been no revolution.

    BTW Bob - my 5x GGF served under General Mercer at the Battle of Trenton where the Continentals crossed the Delaware.
    • That was the rich Mercers (first came over as missionary, I hear) who also founded Mercer College. The poor Mercers moved west, first to Tennessee, then to Texas.
  • Welcome to the 2nd Amendment Group. You are welcome to comment on arms, self-defense, laws and sources - not ads but where you get what.
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House Resolution 127

HR 127 NRA ArticleInteresting stuff -  No shotguns over .410 - You couldn't follow President Biden's advice to get a 12 gauge. Presumably my 50 cal flintlock would be impounded (Ironically this is EXACTLY like the weapons in use when the 2nd Amendment was written with the exception of a fiber-optic front sight that George Washington would have loved!) The 400 million or so firearms (those that could be kept) would have to be registered by a currently non-existant system within three months.…

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1 Reply · Reply by Michael D Amirault Mar 23

Ammo Shortage

I used to order bulk ammo from Cheaper than Dirt until they became More Expensive Than Diamonds. I've purchased some bulk from Natchez Shooter's Supply but now I'm finding it difficult to find any 9mm for less than a dollar a round. I have a set of dies for 9mm and I've started saving brass but I only have a hundred jacketed bullets. I'm not going to cast lead bullets for my semi-autos. I do for my 44 mag and even with gas checks they are DIRTY! Maybe I need to start casting copper bullets.…

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1 Reply · Reply by Bob Mercer Mar 4

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