Ammo Shortage

I used to order bulk ammo from Cheaper than Dirt until they became More Expensive Than Diamonds. I've purchased some bulk from Natchez Shooter's Supply but now I'm finding it difficult to find any 9mm for less than a dollar a round. I have a set of dies for 9mm and I've started saving brass but I only have a hundred jacketed bullets. I'm not going to cast lead bullets for my semi-autos. I do for my 44 mag and even with gas checks they are DIRTY!

Maybe I need to start casting copper bullets. Oooh, wait! Silver! Using 119 gr bullets I should be able to get 4 bullets per troy ounce of silver. Nah, at $27/oz The Lone Ranger is still in a class by himself.


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  • Ammo Shortage Explained

    The Great Ammo Shortage Explained
    Ammunition companies are working harder than ever to meet the incredible demand for product in these unprecedented times.
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