House Resolution 127

HR 127 NRA ArticleInteresting stuff - 

  • No shotguns over .410 - You couldn't follow President Biden's advice to get a 12 gauge.
  • Presumably my 50 cal flintlock would be impounded (Ironically this is EXACTLY like the weapons in use when the 2nd Amendment was written with the exception of a fiber-optic front sight that George Washington would have loved!)
  • The 400 million or so firearms (those that could be kept) would have to be registered by a currently non-existant system within three months. Uh, how long did it take to get the Obamacare web site working?
  • That database would be available to EVERYONE and SPECIFICALLY to the armed forces. (Are the Dems looking to use the armed forces to enforce this?)
  • Millions of dollars worth of legally purchased gear - ammo, magazines and weapons .50 cal and above would be confiscated without re-imbursement..
  • A government issued mandatory insurance policy would put lawful gun ownership out of the reach of all but the wealthy. They can't have poor inner-city folk defending themselves from Antifa and BLM.
  • Young people could not own a gun. My dad, when he was 12 years old, chased HIS dad out of the house with an ancient .38 long colt revolver, declaring that NOBODY was going to hit HIS Momma. I can't recall ever meeting that grandfather, but from what I heard he never laid a hand on her again.
  • Outlaws would ignore the registry, of course, just like they ignore all other gun laws.
  • It would discourage people with any kind of brain disease from getting treatment. Once you receave treatment for any disease of the brain (Parkinsons, cancer or epilepsy) you would become inelegible to own a gun.
  • This has to be the last bullet-point because anything holding more than ten bullets will be banned.

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