Dean King posted a status
May 7
I have pretty much banned main stream media. Within my heart & my life it has caused pride, bitterness, hatred, division, etc. The devil used it as a way to oppress me. I had began to oppress others. I took to the only media that should have itself rooted in my heart, my soul, & my mind. The Word of God. How the focus of my life should be upon The Cross of Jesus Christ and him Crucified. I now see The State of the Church (The Body of Christ) & How it resembles The State of Israel in the Old Testament when it turned its back on God. He gave chance after chance to turn back. He finally turned them over to the enemy to get their attention. Turn Back to the Cross of Christ, There is where healing and peace for the Heart, the Soul, the Body, & the Land Begin. Only at The Cross of Jesus Christ will America be returned to right standing and the land be healed.

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